Darcy McNaboe for Mayor

22421 Barton Rd. #260
Grand Terrace, CA 92313
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A Leader Who Listens

Why I am running for Mayor

I believe I'm the right person for this position at this time. I believe the residents of Grand Terrace have earned the right to have the choice to continue with their current Mayor or to make this change. I offer to the residents the following; I have the experience, the education, training and the patience to excel as Mayor of Grand Terrace. I have five years on the planning commission, and almost four years on the city council. In addition to the obvious need for a Mayor with an understanding of municipal finance, my first year on council I noticed items on the financial audit that answered questions others were asking during preceding election cycle. It is crucial that our Mayor have an understanding of land use and zoning issues required for the needed development that is in our future - this experience you get by serving on the planning commission.

Additionally, it is crucial that the next Mayor go back to the basics of working with all of our volunteer organizations to help augment, not replace, the city staff. I have demonstrated that I am committed to working with our non-profits, service clubs and sports leagues by being involved, donating to and working with these fine organizations. And there is no substitute to this.

Additionally, it is crucial that the Mayor have highly developed communication skills and be willing to use them in multiple forums. Public speaking, responding to emails, in social media, writing to the news media as well as talking with the news media but always making sure the city is shown in the best possible light. Additionally, the Mayor must be able to discuss any issue with any resident in a calm and reasoned manner, even when the resident’s views and perspectives are completely different than those of the Mayor. The Mayor must be able to disagree without being disagreeable and to have discussion without denigration.

So when I'm asked a question about why I'm not content to remain in my council seat and why I'm running for Mayor. The simple reason is that I believe that I am the best person for this position at this time; further, I would not be doing all I can do for the residents of Grand Terrace if I do not step up to take this challenge at this difficult time in our city's history.

These are just a few of the reasons I am running for Mayor. I would hope residents would ask similar questions of others seeking this office or any office.

I'm asking you for your vote.