Darcy McNaboe for Mayor

22421 Barton Rd. #260
Grand Terrace, CA 92313
909.824.1506 h
909.709.2612 m

A Leader Who Listens

About Darcy McNaboe

Candidate for Mayor of the City of Grand Terrace, CA:

My husband and I have called Grand Terrace home for the past twenty-two years. Grand Terrace is a wonderful community that is perfectly located in this growing inland region. I am a small business owner, I am active in the community and focused on community service and I have served on city council for the past four years. You have placed your trust in me by electing me in 2010 and re-electing me in 2012. I am running for election as your Mayor and I would like your support.

My Core Beliefs

I believe in Fiscal Responsibility, Maintaining Strong Public Safety in Grand Terrace, Managed Economic Growth, Protection of Property Values, and Sustaining the Quality of Life in our community through partnership between the city and resident-volunteers working in community groups and service organizations.

Vision for Grand Terrace

My Vision for Grand Terrace aligns with the adopted vision for our great city: Grand Terrace is an exceptionally safe and well managed City, known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities; a vibrant and diverse local economy; a place where residents enjoy an outstanding quality of life that fosters pride and an engaged community, encouraging families to come and remain for generations.